Vagina Guerilla

You’d like to talk about feminism with your friends ?
First, ask them to draw a vulva.

I am the chief-guerillera of this non profit organisation created with three friends of mine in 2015. Our goal is to provide a universal symbol for the vulva and spread it threw the public space as an empowerement symbol.

At the begining, our goal was to make people draw vulvas everywhere, then we decided to created supports to make more visible our symbole on the streets threw accessories. So I design bags, pins, stickers, rubber stamp… and we sell it via a e-store. Quickly it was a success so we had produced other accessories and get bigger our creative environnement, by working with other creative people. In the same time we developped a social community, mainly on instagram and facebook to spread the message. Now I am still working on new objects ideas based on the representation of vulvas, so keep posted and vulva la revolucion !

photos © OlivierHoff

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